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“Tim Rushlow & His Big Band gave our patrons two evenings of standing room only performances. He’s a fabulous showman and his band and team were first-rate and anxious to make the events a great experience for everyone.” 
—Dan Hays, Executive Director, Franklin Theatre

“I believe that Frank Sinatra would be very proud indeed, as Tim has proved that an outstanding recording and total class can make a triumphant return!”
—Bruce J Mairer,

“If you’re looking for some Holiday cheer, look no further! Tim Rushlow brings it in a BIG way with his BIG band. All your holiday favorites and a few NEW classics that will definitely make you smile, tap your toes, and stir great memories from the first note to the last. An instant classic Holiday record!!”
—Clay Hunnicutt, Exec VP & GM NPP – iHeartMe

“Tim Rushlow is more than an entertainer. When you leave the room after he has performed, you feel as if you’ve made a new friend. My guests absolutely LOVED his new show. People were already asking me when he was coming back the minute the show was finished, and the answer “We re-booked him the second he came off the stage!”
—Tom Brosig, Former President/CEO, of Grand Casinos and Margaritaville Casinos

“Classic Christmas, is Tim’s first offering in a new genre for him. …The results are superb, giving a timeless and authentic sound to great Christmas classics. This new Christmas record is sure to become part of families’ holiday music collections.”
—Cynthia Aycock, Digital Rodeo

“At our recent event for Americans for Prosperity, Tim Rushlow’s show was an absolute highlight, truly amazing! He connects, enchants, and sweeps the audience away with his stories and music for a truly unforgettable night. We rebooked Tim for another event immediately!”
—Tracy A. Henke, Executive VP, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

“In 29 years of radio, I can honestly say that Tim Rushlow flat out delivers! His passion, and that is the key word, PASSION is what sets Tim apart from others as an ENTERTAINER, not just a recording artist. His new show is proof that great talent can totally captivate an audience. Get ready for an incredible ride because it does not get any better than Tim Rushlow and His Big Band!”
—Chuck Reeves, Programmer, Cumulus Media Inc.

“Tim openly welcomes you into his world, invites you to pull up a chair and stay a while. That is a talent that not all entertainers have. His singing, his songs, his delivery, and stories are honest and heartfelt. Our patrons were knocked out by a 1st class night of music!”
—Jennifer Lee, Marketing and Entertainment Manager, Island View Casino Resort